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Welcome to Westchester Per Diem Attorneys, your premier source for comprehensive and reliable per diem attorney services. We take pride in connecting law firms with top-notch per diem attorneys throughout Westchester County NY and beyond.


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Why Choose Westchester Per Diem Attorneys?

Local Expertise

Per diem attorneys have a deep understanding of the Westchester County legal landscape. With familiarity in local courts, judges, and procedures, per diems offer a distinct advantage in navigating the complexities of the legal system.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Whether your case is in the Westchester County Supreme Court, family court, or town courts, per diem lawyers are available to provide coverage across a spectrum of legal proceedings. They are available to meet your specific assignment needs and requirements.


Flexibility for Your Needs

Flexible per diem services allow you to secure reliable court appearance coverage when you need it most. Focus on your core legal work while a freelancer handles your court appearances with diligence.

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Coverage For Court AppearanceS

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Supreme Court


Navigating Westchester County Supreme Court requires experience and expertise. Per diems are well-versed in the procedures and protocols of the different parts and individual judges.

Town and City Courts

From White Plains City Court to Yonkers City Court and beyond, per diem lawyers cover town and city courts throughout Westchester County. Freelancers can adapt to the unique requirements of the County, City, Town or Village courts – providing seamless representation.

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Town & City Courts
Criminal Court, Civil Court, Per Diem Attorney, Per Diem Attorneys, Westchester, NY, Westchester Per Diem Attorney
Civil and Criminal Court

Civil and Criminal Court

Whether your case involves civil or criminal proceedings, per diems are equipped to handle a wide range of legal matters. Freelancers are available to represent your interests with diligence and attention to detail.


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"Westchester Per Diem Attorneys played a crucial role in our recent court case. Their attention to detail and courtroom expertise made a significant impact on the outcome of our case."
"I highly recommend Westchester Per Diem Attorneys for their professionalism and dedication. Their team's support was instrumental in the success of our legal endeavors."

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Per diem attorney coverage involves hiring an attorney on a short-term or per-case basis to handle specific legal tasks. This service is beneficial for attorneys who may need assistance with court appearances, depositions, or other legal matters without committing to a full-time hire. Westchester Per Diem Attorneys offers experienced professionals to provide reliable coverage, allowing you to focus on your core legal work.


A: Virtual appearance services allow attorneys to represent clients in virtual legal proceedings. This can include virtual court appearances, arbitrations, or mediations. If you cannot be physically present, our virtual appearance coverage ensures that your legal matters are handled professionally and effectively in a virtual setting.


A: Yes, our coverage extends to various county and town courts in Westchester County. 

All of the following County Courts are covered: Westchester Supreme Court, Westchester Surrogate’s Court, Westchester Family Court, Westchester County Court, all other NYS Courts

All of the following Town & Village Courts are covered: Bedford Town Court, Eastchester Town Court, Greenburgh Town Court, Harrison Town Court, Mamaroneck Town Court, Mount Pleasant Town Court, Mount Vernon City Court, New Castle Town Court, North Castle Town Court, New Rochelle City Court, Ossining Town Court, Peekskill City Court, Pelham Town Court, Rye City Court, Scarsdale Village Court, Somers Town Court, Yorktown Town Court and Yonkers City Court. 

Per diems are available to cover most courts in other NYS counties. 


A: Our team distinguishes itself through a combination of experience, reliability, and flexibility. With a deep understanding of Westchester County’s legal landscape, per diem attorneys offer reliable coverage, adapt to your specific requirements, and bring extensive experience to every case.


A: No, Westchester Per Diem Attorneys provides coverage across a wide range of legal areas, including civil, criminal, family law, and more. Our diverse team of attorneys is equipped to handle various legal matters to meet the needs of our clients.


A: Requesting coverage is easy. Simply contact us through our website or call our office. 


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